2 on Edwin Arlington Robinson by Louis Coxe

E.A. Robinson
Copyright 1962
Checked out 7 times in 43 years
Last checked out 27 years ago

There’s a good reason why this hasn’t been checked out for so long. A more thorough discussion of Robinson is available in a more appealing format by the same author right next to it on the library shelf. As you will see below, people who want to look into Robinson want the full scoop, not the abbreviated version. Let this book go.

Edwin Arlington Robinson
Copyright 1969
Checked out 14 times in 32 years
Last checked out 4 years ago

The circulation on this is a pleasant surprise for a book about an older poet who now only makes scanty appearances in historical anthologies. However, the Albertville library has a collected volume of his poetry. Apparently this is drawing interest. So long as people remain curious enough to check this book out, keep it on the shelf.


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