2 on Sidney Lanier

Sidney Lanier: The Man, the Poet, the Critic
by Edd Winfield Parks
Copyright 1968
Checked out 8 times in 37 years
Last checked out 12 years ago

This is a concise book (103 pages) on Lanier that still tries to cover all of the bases. It’s a good book for someone who wants further reading about Lanier but finds the next book mentioned to be  overwhelming.

Sidney Lanier: A Biographical and Critical Study
by Aubrey Harrison Starke
Copyright 1933, reissued 1964
Checked out 10 times in 43 years
Last checked out 21 years ago

At over 450 pages, this strikes me as likely being the most comprehensive book on Lanier that one is likely to find. For that reason, despite it’s having gone 21 years without a patron taking it home, I suggest it be kept on the shelves as long as it holds up.

As Lanier falls further and further back in history, it’s not surprising that interest in him should fade, yet Lanier is a significant early American poet and a major early poet from the South. It’s appropriate, though not critical, for a Southern library to have a couple of books both by and about him. Being a small library, Albertville should be happy to have these two books. The brevity of the one and the thoroughness of the other provide good options for patrons curious about Lanier. Keep them both.


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