The Complete Poems of Hart Crane

edited by Brom Weber
Copyright 1966
Checked out 8 times in 36 years
Last checked out 3 years ago

I was surprised but pleased to find a book of Hart Crane’s poetry on the shelves of the Albertville Public Library. He has been a neglected figure but a resurgence of interest in him occurred in the 1990s. The circulation can’t be said to have ever experienced a “surge;” however, it did have an increase in attention in the 90s that was nearly sustained in the 2000s. Keep this book as long as it holds up. Once it gives out, it isn’t necessary to replace it with another complete poems, but keeping a volume of selected poems on the shelves would be nice, not paramount but nice. Hart Crane’s poetry will be represented in larger anthologies and that may be enough for the readers of Albertville.


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