Poets in Progress

edited by Edward Hungerford
Copyright 1962
Checked out 1 time in 32 years
Last checked out 32 years ago

This book offers a critical look at 10 poets: Theodore Roethke, Robert Lowell, Stanley Kunitz, Richard Wilbur, Richard Eberhart, W.D. Snodgrass, Howard Nemerov, J.V. Cunningham, Randall Jarrell, and W.S. Merwin. Most of these writers have remained important in contemporary poetry and are underrepresented on the shelves. Because they do need representation–not simply these writers but the period between 1950 and 2000–I’m going to recommend that this book be kept on the shelf despite it’s poor circulation. Some anthologies focusing on the latter half of the 20th Century is in order for this library.


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2 Responses to Poets in Progress

  1. Miriam Sagan says:

    Sounds classic–these poets resonate still.

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