English Poetry of the Seventeeth Century

edited by Roberta Florence Brinkley
Copyright 1936, 1942 edition
Checked out 21 times in 42 years
Last checked out 5 years ago

This is a marvelous (if aging) book on a rich period of English poetry–as in England, as in Britain, as in it’s miscataloged. What’s particularly amusing is that the card pocket, apparently from the library that initially owned it, actually has the right call number on it. But somehow the book’s spine ended up with 811 (American Lit) instead of 821 (Brit Lit). Despite the mistake this book is getting plenty of attention–and rightfully so. Not only does it have ample selections of important poets from that time, but it has a generous introduction to every poet included. You get an education in this book of poetry not only a collection of poems. Definitely keep this book as long as it holds up.


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