2 by Walt Whitman

Selections from Leaves of Grass
Copyright 1961
Checked out 7 times in 33 years (acquisition unclear)
Last checked out  5 years ago

Walt Whitman: Complete Poetry and Collected Prose
Copyright 1982
Checked out 18 times in 29 years
Last checked out 2 years ago

Walt Whitman is a must-have for any American library. These two volumes seem to be doing a decent job of representing him. Both of them are in good condition and are getting respectable circulation. It’s a bit of a shame to think that the same number of volumes by Whitman that I have on my personal shelf have no trouble serving an entire city, but I wouldn’t ever expect Whitman’s “barbaric yawp” to make him the darling of a small Southern community, regardless of how significant he was to the development of poetry as an art.


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