The Complete Poetical Works of Whittier

Copyright 1894, eighth printing
Checked out 10 times in 44 years
Last checked out 14 years ago

This old book is in remarkably good shape. Though the circulation isn’t great, I believe it should be kept in the collection for reasons stated in an earlier blog. This library has several books about this poet in addition to this book of his poetry and they work together to make a nice complete picture for anyone curious about him. In addition, Whittier’s poetry is the sort that is likely to appeal to people in this area. It rhymes and frequently visits rural and religious subject matter. In fact, it has sections titled “Poems of Nature” and “Religious Poems,” so one can go straight to whatever is desired at the moment. A reprint of this book is currently available. If the library considers their collection of and about Whittier important rather than incidental, then it should consider buying this newer edition.


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