It’s Good Weather for Fudge by Sue Walker

Copyright 2003
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The subtitle of this volume is “Conversing with Carson McCullers,” and that’s exactly what the poet is doing in this book-length poem. Along the way Walker celebrates the South as well as the works of Carson McCullers. Of course, many of the allusions in the book will be lost on someone who hasn’t read McCullers work in full. Because of that, I don’t think the future bodes well for this volume in Albertville. The library has a good selection of McCullers’ fiction, as well as works of criticism and an autobiography. While this book of poetry offers yet another perspective on her, people are ignoring it. Most of the books I’ve reviewed have had the majority of their circulation near the time of acquisition. This volume has had none. My recommendation is to let this book go.

However, this volume and the the anthology I’ll be reviewing tomorrow, have made me aware of Sue Walker, current Alabama Poet Laureate. I strongly recommend getting another of her books for the library. Though I’m not familiar with her work, the site link above says her Blood Will Bear Your Name was nominated for a Pulitzer. It’s a good place to start.


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