2 by Judith Viorst

When Did I Stop Being 20 and Other Injustices
Copyright 1987
Checked out 12 times in 24 years
Last checked out 5 years ago

It’s not surprising that humorist Judith Viorst’s books should be popular. However, most of the circulation for this book was in the 90’s, dropping off considerably after that. Viorst’s poetry doesn’t make any claim to poetic excellence. It’s meant to tickle and point out life’s absurdities. It’s enjoyable. Yet, her East Coast, upper middle class, suburban-urban lifestyle is rather far removed from life here in Albertville. We can still relate to the way things change as we get older, be amused at our younger selves and the younger generation, but we’re viewing these experience from a very different environment. The circulation indicates that Viorst’s popularity is waning. If this book goes ten years without circulation, consider it ripe for removal.

Forever 50 and Other Negotiations
Copyright 1989
Checked out 5 times in 22 years
Last checked out 14 years ago

Though published only 2 years after the book above, this title has had far less circulation. It’s baffling. Maybe people don’t think being 50 or older can be humorous? I don’t see any reason to keep this on the shelf since patrons have abandoned it. It would be nice to pass on to an assisted living home where people may look fondly back on their youthful 50s.

Viorst has continued to write age-related humorous books of poetry, her most recent being Unexpectedly Eighty and Other Adaptations.


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