Mirror of the Heart: Poems of Sara Teasdale

edited by William Drake
Copyright 1984
Checked out 22 times in 25 years
Last checked out 5 years ago

It’s not too surprising that this has gotten good circulation considering that it’s title has “Heart” in it and it’s rhyming poetry. But Teasdale isn’t generally well-known and in that respect, the circulation is surprising to me. Drake’s introduction about the poet’s development as a person and a poet is interesting in itself. It argues against rushing into publication before one has matured enough to know one’s subject fully and one’s art. It’s possible to get “type-cast” in poetry as in other arenas. Teasdale’s early success type-cast her as a writer of sentimental rhymes about love and it later became difficult for her to get serious attention or accolades when her work became more mature, still rhyme and still about matters of the heart but not merely sentimental. This book is intended to show the breadth of her examination of affections, including samples from her earlier work, but focusing on her later work. If one reads it from beginning to end, one gets a sense of her changing perspectives on relationships. Certainly keep this on the shelf as along as patrons are enjoying it.


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