Banish Misfortune by R.T. Smith

Copyright 1988
Checked out 2 times in 23 years
Last checked out 15 years ago

R.T. Smith is a nationally recognized poet, former professor at Auburn University and editor of the literary journal Shenandoah. This is a wonderful little chapbook of his earlier work. However, it is simply a chapbook (a small saddle-stapled book usually of no more than 40 pages) and you won’t even find it listed among his works on websites. Usually poetry published in a chapbook goes on to be included in a larger volume of the poet’s work. As with other extremely small books (more like a little magazine really) it has no spine to advertise itself on the shelf, which undoubtedly hasn’t done it any favors. Let this go and consider getting a fuller volume of his work (he’s considered a Southern writer and writes on themes that are in harmony with a small rural town). Check out his wikipedia entry or his entry for possible acquisitions.


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