Devil’s Wine by Sue Scalf

Copyright 1976
Checked out 8 times in 35 years
Last checked out 8 years ago

Sue Scalf was raised in Kentucky but has spent a large part of her life in Prattville, Alabama, and continues to live there. Devil’s Wine is one of her earlier books. She has written 4 more since 1990: Ceremony of Names, South by Candlelight, What the Moon Knows, Bearing the Print and To Stitch a Summer Sky. The last was published in 2003. I haven’t read any of her other work; I mention them because I was favorably impressed with Devil’s Wine and would call her a poet to watch. Her poetry often visits natural subject matter but it covers a wide range, including observations of children, work life, writing, canning, relationships both romantic and familial. Her poetry isn’t sing-songy rhyme (though rhymes do slip in) but it’s certainly poetry many people in this area can relate to. The circulation on this volume isn’t great but it’s acceptable. I would suggest purchasing another one of her books. I’ll make an effort to read her more recent work and make a recommendation.


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One Response to Devil’s Wine by Sue Scalf

  1. Sue Scalf says:

    JP, please contact me. I am eager to talk to you about poetry and would certainly be interested in seeing that libraries get more of my recent work. Thank you for taking the time to try to find out about me. I appreciate what you are doing. Alabama Writers’ Forum has recently posted some reviews of recent books. Sue Scalf

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