3 by Carl Sandburg

The first book of this *3* is actually a compilation of three of Sandburg’s volumes of poetry: Smoke and Steel (1920), Slabs of the Sunburnt West (1922), and Good Morning America (1928).
It’s unclear to me when this book was produced.
Checked out 15 times in 39 years
Last checked out 19 years ago

I confess this is a hard call for me. I’m a fan of Sandburg. Being checked out 15 times in 39 years is not bad for a book of poetry, but that long stretch since its last attention is something of a death knell. Apparently no one wants this much Sandburg (251 pages) in one sitting and prefer the second of the *3* books. Let this one go.

Carl Sandburg: Selected Poems
Copyright 1992
Checked out 5 times in 19 years
Last checked out 10 years ago

Even this volume of Sandburg’s poems has waning interest. But Sandburg is a significant figure in American letters, even if not the most praised of poets. His Collected Poems won a Pulitzer prize in 1951. So it’s appropriate for any American library to have a volume of Sandburg’s poems on its shelves. This selected volume will do to represent him for many more years to come.

Breathing Tokens
Copyright 1978
Checked out 3 times in 31 years
Last checked out 20 years ago

Like the first of these three volumes of Sandburg, this one isn’t getting enough attention to warrant keeping on the shelves. It’s a book of poems selected by the poet’s daughter after his death from among his unpublished work. Thus it probably doesn’t contain his best work. It still has plenty of enjoyable poetry, but no one is likely to find that out if they don’t pick it up. Stick with the Selected Poems above as the book to represent Sandburg at the Albertville Public Library.


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