Collected Poems of Theodore Roethke

Copyright 1966
Checked out 10 times in 45 years
Last checked out 12 years ago

If you’ve read a general anthology of poetry created within the last 30 years, it’s probably had a Roethke poem in it, most likely either “My Papa’s Waltz” or “The Waking” (perhaps the best known and loved villanelle after Thomas’ “Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night”). However, full volumes of his work are harder to find so I’m delighted to find one here in the Albertville Public Library. This book is aging but holding up well. Definitely keep it until it no longer holds up and then consider replacing it. Roethke is not a must-have but he’s a good fit for Albertville. His poetry often embraces nature and everyday life and it often rhymes. This particular selection of his work has wonderful variety including love poems and nonsense poems. The circulation has been unsteady. It was checked out 4 times in the 70s and 4 times in the 90s, but not at all in the 80s or 2000s. So it’s due for a resurgence of interest.


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