Collected Poems of Edwin Arlington Robinson

Copyright 1937, 1966 edition
Checked out 7 times in 45 years
Last checked out 11 years ago

Though not read much these days and lost within anthologies if he’s there at all (many of his poems are long and so not easily antholgized), Edwin Arlington Robinson is an icon of American poetry standing just behind the great innovators. Perform a search of his name on one of the major search engines and a wealth of options for learning more about the man and his poetry come up. Because of his status, it behooves every American library to have him represented on its shelves even if in a slim volume. Albertville has done right by him with a full collected volume with 1488 pages of solid Robinson poetry, not a speck of biographical or critical fluff. It’s an impressive oeuvre. The circulation of this substantial tome isn’t as bad as it appears from my statement above. I suspect the acquisition date is 10 years or more after the copyright. It was checked out 3 times in the 80s, twice in the 90s, the last time being 2000. In any case, this is a book that needs to be kept on the shelves until its condition requires discarding and then it will need to be replaced, hopefully with another complete poems but at the very least with a selected poems.


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