Sparks on the Wind by Morton D. Prouty, Jr.

Copyright 1961
Checked out 16 times in 41 year (but only 2 times in the last 20 years [11 times in the 1970s])
Last checked out 8 years ago

Morton D. Prouty, Jr. was the 6th poet laureate of Alabama. As such, it would be nice to have an example of his work on the shelves, and I would recommend keeping this despite the evidence that it has run its course at this library except that my nose indicates it is crossing over from old book to musty old book leaning toward mildew. This book is a mix of poetry with archaic language and pleasant rhyming poetry. It’s not important to keep it on the shelf. I recommend letting it go, and if another of his books in better condition becomes available, add his name once more the stacks. In a town the size of Albertville, I don’t consider it critical to collect the poetry of every state poet laureate or every prominent poet of the state. It’s nice to keep them if they’re already there and in good condition, but they aren’t critical to the health of the collection.


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