Poems for a Good and Happy Life

Edited by Myrna Reid Grant
Copyright 1997
Checked out 19 times in 13 years
Last checked out less than a year ago

I think the title of this book draws in those people who think of poetry as primarily a source of inspiration (which seems to be the majority of poetry readers in Albertville). As they move through this volume, they’ll read poetry both by relatively unknown authors and poets of high reputation, both old and new. Hopefully it will encourage readers to look for other poems by these poets. Bios are provided in the back to give the reader a sense of a given writer’s background. Some here are/were primarily writers of fiction. Some are/were poets. Some were never writers at all. Excerpt from the Bible are included. So the book has some range within the constraints of the character traits that create the structure of the book: Wisdom, Justice, Courage, Moderation, Faith, Hope, Love. Circulation indicates that this recipe has found favor among the patrons of Albertville Public Library. Certainly keep this book on the shelf as long as people continue to show interest in it. Unfortunately, the book was cheaply made and the paper is already yellowing. The binding is sturdy though, so hopefully it will give people pleasure for another twenty years.


About jppoetryreader

Poetry reviewer and poetry consultant for libraries
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