Human Values in the Poetry of Robert Frost

by George W. Nitchie
Copyright 1960
Checked out 19 times since 1981 (in 29 years). The library has had the book since 1960 and has clearly gone through several cards.
Last checked out 10 years ago

This book has had incredibly steady circulation up until 2000, at which point it died off completely. I’m guessing Frost is a frequent choice of study for school reports (a notion supported by underlinings and teenish doodling on the pages) and that this is one of few options for critical assessments available to the students. Perhaps they’re now turning more to the internet for research? In any case, I applaud whoever made the decision to purchase this book because, as the book jacket states, it is a thoughtful book about Frost’s poetry but not strict criticism. As such, it’s very accessible while still being scholarly and assuming a full acquaintance with Frost’s work, as well as that of other poets. It’s a good book for someone wanting to dig deeper without being overwhelmed by critical jargon.

Though circulation indicates that this book has been abandoned, I recommend keeping it at the shelf another ten years for good measure. If it remains neglected, then it’s time to let it go. Either people are looking elsewhere for this kind of information or Frost is no longer considered relevant and worthy of study. If this were a library in a larger city, I might recommend replacing it with a more recent critical book on Frost. But not here. The interest in poetry is limited and interest in critical work beyond what’s required for school is probably close to nil. If schools are no longer pushing Frost as a subject for reports, no need to keep a critical book about his poetry on the shelf.


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