The Poet: Bicentennial Edition

Edited by Doris Nemeth
Copyright 1976
Checked out 5 times in 34 years (acquisition unclear)
Last checked out 19 years ago

I’ve talked before about the concept of value in terms of poetry purchases by libraries. Gift books in which there is only one or two lines of a poem on each page (or every other page) being the lowest poetry/dollar value. This book appears to be the opposite end of the scale, often having 4 or 5 poems per 8.5 x 11 page. But it’s extremely amateurish poetry–in other words, it’s a lot of what no one is likely to want. The editor exercised no editorial judgment (except perhaps excluding sexual or offensive material), not even to organize this 200+ page hodge-podge into categories. Since this anthology originated in Illinois, I have to wonder how it ended up here in Albertville. Perhaps somewhere in its hundreds of poems there is someone from this area. Short of going through every page, there’s no way to know since there’s no table of contents or complete list of contributors. In any case, it’s lack of circulation and the low level of the poetry it contains, this is an easy cull.


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