4 by Ogden Nash

Ogden Nash: Verses from 1929 On
Copyright 1929
Checked out 7 times in 51 years (acquisition unclear)
Last checked out 11 years ago

Ogden Nash is pretty much synonymous with light verse. I’m not going to be the one to question the value of humor in our lives and our society. A volume of Ogden Nash’s poetry belongs on the shelves of every American library. Albertville Public Library has more than one book of Nash’s on its shelves, though not all together, and this is not the best one to keep. It’s fairly comprehensive and, judging by it’s poor circulation and the much better circulation of those below, smaller doses seem to be more appetizing.

A Penny Saved Is Impossible
Copyright 1981
Checked out 14 times in 30 years
Last checked out 12 years ago

Though this had good circulation to begin with, it died at the turn of the century. I’m not sure what to make of the relative disinterest in this volume of Nash’s poetry. People don’t find their money woes humorous? If they did, you’d think there would be a resurgence in this book’s circulation these days. Or perhaps they don’t like that this was published posthumously? That’s difficult to believe since Helen Steiner Rice’s many posthumous collections remain popular.

Let the two above go and keep the following which have remained popular:

Always Another Windmill
Copyright 1968
Checked out 25 times in 42 years
Last Checked out 3 years ago

Bed Riddance
Copyright 1969
Checked out 29 times in 41 years
Last checked out 3 years ago


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