Blue Corn Harvest by Joshua Meander

Copyright 1995
Checked out 0 times in 15 years (date of acquisition unclear)

Joshua Meander has carved out a unique place for himself in the poetry world, but that place is not in Alabama. It’s in New York, where he is the host of Nomad’s Choir open-mic readings and editor of Nomad’s Choir magazine. However, he is not well known outside his niche. There is no reason to keep this book on the shelf. It is by no means the worst poetry I’ve found on the shelves, but it isn’t so distinguished that it should be kept despite complete lack of interest by the library’s patrons.

I want to again caution against self-published books (I suspected and did an internet search on the publisher). Maybe take a chance on a local who has self-published, but only if the volume is a gift to the library. There is no reason for a small library to take a risk spending public money on someone with no connection to the community. And a self-published book is a risk because we have no one but the author’s word that his or her poetry is any good. No editor (or anyone else for that matter) has given it a nod. The writer simply pays to have the book published.


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