Almost Noon by James Magorian

Copyright 1969
Checked out 8 times in 41 years
Last checked out 7 years ago

James Magorian is new to me, but from the look of his facebook fan page, he has a small following who eagerly await his newest book, which may be either poetry or fiction. He also writes for children. Satire is apparently his forte. Almost Noon, however, is not particularly satirical. The Nebraska Center for Writers doesn’t list Almost Noon on their “Selected Publications” page for Magorian. I’m wondering if it’s considered one of his less successful books. It’s certainly one of his earliest (a chapbook, at only 34 pages, though it is hardcover) and most of the poems lean toward surrealism if they don’t embrace it entirely.

This is a quirky volume to have on the shelves. It doesn’t fit the people of Albertville, yet its circulation isn’t bad for a book of poetry. It was checked out 4 times in the 70s, once in the 80s, twice in the 90s and once in the 2000s. So I’m riding the fence on this one. It makes sense to pull it because it doesn’t fit this library’s patrons and it isn’t considered the best of this poet, yet it’s getting checked out once or twice a decade, which is respectable for poetry in this library. So a wait-and-see attitude is also valid.

If any Magorian fans come across this blog, I would appreciate their assessment of this book in the larger scheme of his work.


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