2 by Amy Lowell

Ballads for Sale
Copyright 1927
Checked out 0 times in ? years (date of acquisition unclear)

The Complete Poetical Works of Amy Lowell
Copyright 1955
Checked out 6 times in 38 years
Last checked out 19 years ago

Amy Lowell is a part of literary history. Her work is not held in the highest esteem but she was a powerful promoter of the imagist movement. Her marginal status is reflected in the poor circulation of these volumes. If the people of Albertville were to check her out, they might like her poetry since it rhymes and is often saturated with natural imagery. However, they don’t seem inclined to take a look.

Amy Lowell is not essential to have on the shelves. These volumes (and the one critical book about her) could be culled and not replaced. However, I would allow them to finish living out their lives as books before letting them go since she did have an impact on the course of literary events and is considered a significant personality of the early 20th Century literary scene. That said, the little volume Ballads for Sale could be considered elderly, as books go, and culled since its contents are included in the Complete Poetical Works. The latter volume also includes “A Memoir” by another significant literary figure of the time, Louis Untermeyer. He provides both critical assessment and accounts of personal interaction with Lowell, resulting in an interesting and well-rounded introduction in which we hear others’ opinions of her and her own voice speaking through quoted letters.


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