Two by Laurence Lieberman

Eros at the World Kite Pageant
copyright 1983
Checked out 1 time in 27 years
Last checked out 19 years ago

The Mural of Wakeful Sleep
Copyright 1985
Checked out 0 times in 25 years

The lack of circulation speaks loads about how well these books match Albertville Public Library’s patrons. Although Lieberman is American, his poetry is often about experiences elsewhere and Elsewhere simply isn’t very attractive to the people of Albertville or Marshall County. They prefer affirmations of Here. The poems are often long. They are involved adventures. Lieberman’s poetry is free verse and although it can be musical at times, music is not a major force in it. This is not to say it isn’t good, even excellent, poetry; it just isn’t the sort that would woo the people of Albertville. So I say let it go. Putting these books on the shelves was a worthy experiment but it’s one that has failed. Turn these books loose to find readers who appreciate them.


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