Whittier by Lewis Leary

Copyright 1961
Checked out 7 times in 40 years
Last checked out 23 years ago

This book is part biography of the poet and part critical assessment of the work of John Greenleaf Whittier. It has been so long since it has been checked out that I would be tempted to recommend culling it except that the Albertville library also has a volume of Whittier’s complete poems, a 169 page biography of him in the children’s section, a collection of Whittier’s own critical writing, and a brief book on Quaker influence in literature. Together it makes a remarkably well-rounded look at this poet for a small library and I won’t be the one to weaken the circle by removing one element of it. Let it all be preserved so that anyone whose interest is piqued can investigate him fully.


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