Two by Robinson Jeffers

The Selected Poetry of Robinson Jeffers
Initial copyright 1924, this printing 1959
Acquisition is unclear. Checked out 7 times in 36 years
Last checked out 18 years ago

Rock and Hawk: A Selection of Shorter Poems by Robinson Jeffers
Edited by Robert Hass
Copyright 1987
Checked out 1 time in approximately 19 year
Last checked out 19 years ago

Though these books are not getting much circulation, having a couple of volumes of Jeffers’ poetry is appropriate for any American library. Since his poetry is so rooted in rural experience and is very accessible, it’s surprising the people of Albertville haven’t grown a fondness for Jeffers. The first book mentioned above has many of Jeffers’ longer poems, which could be intimidating. The newer book has poems with titles I would think people here would find appealing: “To the Stone-Cutters,” “Salmon-Fishing,” “Boats in a Fog,” “People and a Heron,” “Autumn Evening,” “Roan Stallion.” Robinson is admittedly also neglected in standard poetry anthologies and so it could be that people are simply unfamiliar with the name. However, he is a major American poet and so these books need to remain on the shelves. They look to last a good while yet and there is certainly no need to add additional volumes.


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