Two by Andrew Hudgins

Saints and Strangers
Copyright 1985
Checked out 0 times in ? years (given as a gift–date unclear)

The Glass Hammer
Copyright 1994
Checked out 0 times in ? years (acquisition unclear)

Hudgins’ poetry is well pedigreed. He has received plenty of acclaim on the national scene and grew up in Montgomery. So I’m a bit baffled by the utter lack of circulation of these books. If they have been on the shelves for more than ten years, I recommend letting them go. Yes, he’s an Alabama poet, but the people of Albertville haven’t warmed up to him. Though his poetry is accessible and often deals with Southern subject matter, it may also be to sophisticated or critical to appeal to people in Albertville. His work also isn’t very musical, and rhyming poetry has been getting the most attention among the poetry on the shelves of the Albertville Public Library. Since he is an Alabama poet, while I recommend letting these books go, I also recommend some day acquiring a collected or complete poems of Hudgins’ to put on the shelves. He is still a working poet and professor, so more is yet to come. Acquiring early or individual books by poets is a risky expense for a small library (though in this case at least one was given as a gift). It’s better to wait until a poet has stood the test of time and the bulk of his or her work can be purchased in a single volume.


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