No More Masks!

Subtitle: An Anthology of Twentieth-Century American Women Poets
Edited by Florence Howe
Copyright 1993
Checked out 4 times in 17 years
Last checked out 5 years ago

Like Every Shut Eye Ain’t Asleep, this is an anthology focusing on a marginalized group (women) that could be enjoyed by anyone who enjoys poetry because it’s simply full of excellent poems. Women may appreciate some of the perspectives expressed in the poems more than men might but there is variety within the writing of women just as there is variety within the writing of any general group (African-American, Latino, American). So although this anthology has a narrowed focus (only half the population), it can’t be called limited. There are poems expressing all kinds of emotions and experiences.

Unfortunately, anthologies with focuses like Black, African-American, Women, tend to get less attention than something dedicated to a certain time period or a volume of supposed favorites. This anthology is still getting adequate circulation. Most of the poetry in it is very accessible. It’s soft bound and the pages are already yellowing. I recommend keeping this volume until it the cover gives out or it begins to smell mildewy.

Happily, the need to create anthologies around specialized groups is diminishing as more and more kinds of people are enfranchised within the general population and the poetic community.


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