The Complete Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes

Edited by Horace E. Scudder
Copyright 1923
Checked out 26 times in 47 years
Last checked out 7 years ago

About 10 days ago, I reviewed a book of Edgar Guests poetry. Oliver Wendell Holmes could be considered the Edgar Guest of the 19th century. His poetry isn’t great but there’s a lot of it and it rhymes unrelentingly. Holmes’ poetry differs from Guests’ by often being more sophisticated in subject matter.

The people of Albertville have given this book their stamp of approval via the regular circulation it has received. Though the pages don’t look bad, the book smells musty and should be watched for mildew. Should it succumb, I would recommend replacing it with a “selected works” rather than a “complete works.” The type in this book is very small to accommodate all of the poems and I’m sure a volume with fewer, more readable poems would receive just as much attention.


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