Story Hour by Sara Henderson Hay

Copyright 1963
Checked out 1 time in 47 years (perhaps less–not sure when it was acquired)
Last checked out last checked out 19 years ago

Yes, Hay is an Alabama poet, and yes, it’s a signed copy, but this book is not being appreciated by the people of Albertville. And to be honest, it takes a particular turn of temperament to appreciate this sort of book. It’s a jaded retelling of fairy tales from a “modern” (sixties) perspective. I thought I would like this book because I like fairy tales and clever retellings of them. However, the word I used above was jaded not clever. I simply didn’t get pleasure out of reading them. It’s what we would have called a downer way back when.

I don’t question the skill of the poet. She cast all of these retellings as sonnets, which is no mean feat. But again, it’s going to take a rare sensibility to appreciate what she’s done. I suggest this book be turned loose so it can fall into the hands of a collector of everything fairy tale or a collector of this poet or a collector of writings about the stark, dark side of human nature.


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