White Shroud by Allen Ginsberg

Copyright 1986
Checked out 6 times in 24 years
Last checked out 7 years ago

Ginsberg, frank with his sexuality and his liberal politics, is very much the opposite of what one would expect to find on the shelves of a Southern rural library, and thus his poetry adds a great diversity component to Albertville’s collection. This book covers poetry written from 1980-1985. It’s the poetry of an aging Ginsberg but one can’t accuse him of having mellowed. All of the fire and poetic variety one associates with this icon of the counterculture are in this volume. Still, it’s a shame to have any Ginsberg on the shelf without also having Howl, his best known work. I suggest adding that book-length poem to the collection as well.

This book has had halting circulation, but considering how different this is from what most Albertville patrons would be looking for, being checked out once a decade strikes me as an appropriate expectation for it.


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