Rhymes Without Reason by Olive “Piney” Wood Gaston

Copyright 1973
Checked out 11 times in 37 years
Last checked out 11 years ago

I found this book of light verse charming. The poet is writing as an elderly woman who turns her light verse on aches and pains, insomnia, life’s minor irritations, her married life, death, and reflections on life in general. It’s a quick, infectious read, not unlike  eating potato chips, where you find yourself wanting to read/eat just one more.

This is a self-published book the library appears to have rebound in hardcover, which was generous. ‘m glad they’ve worked to preserve it. It’s relatively rare to see a book of light verse by a woman and this one is enjoyable.

Its circulation seems to have run out unfortunately. I have a hard time suggesting that it be set adrift however. I think it would be very much appreciated in a retirement or nursing home since the poet is  speaking from old age. I would suggest putting it on permanent loan to one of the local ones (or perhaps rotating between them), rather than discarding it. I’m sure residents would get chuckles (or groans) out of Gaston’s verses, and they may well serve as conversation starters.


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