The Pond Woman by Charlotte Gafford

Copyright 1989
Checked out 2 times in 21 years
Last checked out 16 years ago

This is the sole book of poetry by a poet born in Birmingham but who roamed and did not return to Alabama. She spent a number of years teaching in Vermont and most of the poems in this collection are located there rather than in the South. However, the subject is still rural and the characters she presents (people are definitely the triggers for her poems) will be recognizable to rural folks regardless of latitude. Her poetry is very accessible. However, this book has gotten so little circulation over the years, it should be considered ripe for culling. It hasn’t committed any crimes to exclude it from the shelves and has a couple of marks in its favor (rural, accessible), but it’s not being read and I see no reason why that will change in the future. The only way I see to increase its circulation is to turn it loose so that it can pass through people’s hands until it lands in the personal library of someone who appreciates it, likely an older woman since Gafford’s gaze tends to settle on where and how women have settled and ended.


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2 Responses to The Pond Woman by Charlotte Gafford

  1. Thanks for sharing! I’m an Alabamian poet who had a poetry residency in Vermont-who lives in the west-so I’m interested so far-and rural is even more of a draw.

    • I hope you’re able to locate a copy and enjoy it. It certainly seems an extraordinary coincidence that you should take a look here when I was reviewing the book of another poet with connections to both Alabama and Vermont.

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