God’s Images

Writing by James Dickey and art by Marvin Hays
Copyright 1977
Checked out 3 times in 10 years (I’m assuming this wasn’t bought at time of publication)
Last checked out 2 years ago

This is a striking and beautifully made book that stands out on the shelf because it is coffee table book sized. The etchings are marvelous and the writing provides an entirely different perspective on Bible stories by stepping into a key person in each story. However, despite being a fan of prose poems, and even considering Dickey’s well-deserved reputation as a poet, I have to say the paragraphs in this book are not poetry. They are beautifully written paragraphs that bring the wonder of the stories to life, but they’re not poetry. I was disappointed because I was looking forward to reading some of James Dickey’s poetry.

This is a beautiful book dealing with religion, so it definitely belongs in the Albertville library, but it doesn’t belong in 811.


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2 Responses to God’s Images

  1. I like the idea of reviewing books that my local library probably already has. Newly published books get some reviews in School library Journal and some other publications – but as a general rule, older books are not mentioned. Secondly, book reviews in library magazines are not normally available to the general public… and your blog is.. I enjoyed reading it and will use the information as I plan lessons…. I would encourage other school librarians and teachers to use it as a reference.

    • I hope you do find it useful. I occasionally run across poems that seem particularly teachable, usually as potential writing prompts. I’m hoping to list them on a separate tab here for teachers. Once I’m finished reviewing books in my local public libraries, I may also see if the school libraries will allow me to do the same.

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