Darien’s World by Peter Darien

Copyright 1964
Checked out 8 times in 44 years
Last checked out 12 years ago.

I find myself neutral regarding this book, but will come down in favor of keeping it in the collection, perhaps for another ten years. There’s a lot of natural, rural imagery. Some of the poetry rhymes but some is free verse. The imagery of the landscape in the second section has some historical value.

Peter Darien is a pseudonym for William Burnet Kinney Bassett. A Google search reveals that most of his books were self-published through Oriole Press, which was founded by printer Joseph Ishill. Ishill is more renowned as a typesetter than Bassett is as a poet. From what I can discern, Bassett remained obscure and the only value of his books are as collectible issues by Ishill.

However, Darien’s World wasn’t put out by Oriole Press. It was published by Liveright, which regrettably overprinted some pages. I strongly suspect this was also vanity published, which is a shame. An editor likely would have refined it, including only his best poems, resulting in a more engaging read from beginning to end.


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