The Poems of William Cullen Bryant

No copyright notice, so I’m assume it was compiled around 1900. A cursory search didn’t provide me with a hard date when such notice began appearing in books.
Checked out 17 times in 25 years
Last checked out 8 years ago

This is a sturdily bound volume in very good condition considering its age. The pages are yellowing but there’s only slight evidence of mildew. I recommend keeping this as long as it holds up, especially since it’s getting some circulation. Most people consider William Cullen Bryant a one-poem poet and that poem, Thanatopsis, is in this volume, which appears to be a complete collection of his poetry. He wrote many other poems but they’re not considered of critical importance. He was a romantic poet, so his works are formal and rhyme more often than not, which may account for the popularity of this volume in Albertville. They also are full of natural imagery, many celebrate our nation’s history, and many are narrative, all of which would appeal to people here. Unfortunately, they are also full of archaic language and expressions and lose some accessibility because of that. As I mentioned, keep this volume until it must be disposed of, but there is no great need to replace it. I’m sure his better poems are in anthologies of American poetry on Albertville’s shelves that I haven’t viewed yet. The circulation of this book does give a clue, however, to what Albertville’s patrons are likely to respond to: formal and/or rhyming poetry and narrative poetry. These have not been popular types of poetry in the 20th Century, but there are still poets who have embraced formal poetry and/or narrative poetry. I’ll work on a bibliography of them and post it here in the future.


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