The Outlaw & Resounding Echoes

The next two books are the works of Stella Blanchard Arancibia.

The Outlaw
Copyright 1970
Checked out 0 times in 26 years (if one assumes it came into the hands of the library around the same time as Resounding Echoes)

Resounding Echoes
Copyright 1964
Checked out twice in 26 years

There’s a note pasted in The Outlaw indicating that it was doneted to the library as a bequest by the author, but there is no hint what her connection to Albertville might be. She was a poet of California’s Central Valley and Sierras. Both books are largely narrative rhyming poetry about life in the west. For the most part, I found them dull even though I love the West. The dogged rhythm of the poems threaten to put one to sleep until a jarrying syntactical backflip in order to force a rhyme jolts one back to consciousness. I googled Stella Arancibia and discovered The Outlaw for sale from various vendors. But no fans of her poetry seem to have persisted. Again, I recommend that the library unload these volumes. It might be worth seeing if libraries in Fresno or Sacramento would be interested in them for historical purposes and as a record of a poet past. However, it’s unexceptional poetry, Albertville patrons have shown no interest in it, and it has no connection to the community, state or region.


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